Five years in the making, Zhiwa Ling is a tribute to the ornate architectural arts of Bhutan. Every part of the hotel is handmade, from the massive hand-carved wooden beams to the seemingly endless designs of the colorful, hand-painted ceilings and walls. Zhiwa Ling provides the most authentic top-tier hospitality and accommodation experience in Bhutan and is Bhutan’s first locally owned, faithfully traditional hotel with 21st century conveniences. As a result, guests can experience an authentic Buddhist ceremony beside the 450-year-old timbers of our in-hotel temple while remaining comfortably warm thanks to an advanced Swedish in-floor heating system. Likewise, guests can order room service for favorite local dishes such as “ema datsi” which is traditional chillies and cheese while checking their email or surfing the Internet, wirelessly, inside the privacy and comfort of their rooms. Zhiwa Ling is a unique cultural hybrid–an exuberant celebration of the best of a 1,000-year-old culture combined with modern day innovations.
The hotel is internationally recognized for its unique blend of traditional Bhutanese style, modern facilities and impeccable customer service in all areas of its operation. The Zhiwa Ling brand is well known and respected in the industry for consistent, high quality experiences. The hotel forms an integral and supportive part of the Paro community. The dedicated, all Bhutanese staff works together as a team to provide the best possible experience to all guests and commit to constant improvement of guest service in all areas.
In order to contribute positively to the local business community, Zhiwa Ling management considers the best interests of staff, suppliers, tour operators and other stakeholders when making decisions that could affect them.
Zhiwa Ling strives to meet stringent self-imposed environmentally conscious practices in all aspects of the operation.