For Indian nationals

Take advantage of the open door travel policy between Bhutan and India with no Visa or Tourist tariff to pay. Enjoy the hospitality of a very unique and special country, Bhutan, the Gross National Happiness Capital of the World. With direct flights from Kolkata, Delhi and Bagdogra, getting to Bhutan has never been easier for a short break or an extended stay. Explore the magic of an age old culture but be treated to all the modern comforts of the 21st century. Bhutan is the ideal destination to escape the hot humid Indian summers or enjoy the crisp cool winter nights with clear hot days. Come and enjoy the peace and solitude and invigorate the mind body and soul in the pristine and clean environment where crystal clear rivers flow and the air is fresh and clean. There is something for everyone whether it be a romantic holiday high in the mountains or a family trip exploring the wonders of time still captured in Bhutan. Relax with a picnic by the river, hike to famous and spiritual monasteries or just unwind in the splendour of Zhiwa Ling’s 10 acre property pampering yourself at the spa or just reading quietly in the beautiful tea house.