The hotel has two altars; one in the Royal Raven suite and other on the 2nd floor lobby. The altar or the temple in the second floor lobby has been built with 450 year old timbers that were originally part of Gangtey Monastery (built 1613AD) currently under renovation. The temple has Guru Rinpoche as central figure flanked by Terton Pema Lingpa on the left and Zhabdrug Ngawang Namgyal on right, facing them.

The altar in the Royal Raven Suite has trinity of Goddess who are invoked for longevity; happiness and wealth: Facing them, from the left is the Namgyelma (Skt. Vijaya) Goddess of victory; in the centre the Tsepame (Skt. Amitayus) and at the right: Delma (Skt. White Tara).